Chai Xpress Liquorice & Fennel Body Balancing & aids digestion (Naturally Caffeine Free) (25 Bags)


Chai Xpress Spiced Masala Tea Lower Blood Pressure (40Bags)


Chai Xpress Herbal Mint Tea Refreshing & Uplifting (40Bags)


red (2)
Chai Xpress Red Bush Cinnamon & Aniseed Full of Antioxidants & Naturally caffeine free (40 Bags)


Welcome to Shabra Wellbeing

Shabra Wellbeing is a truly natural, healthy and organic brand. We use only the finest natural ingredients in our revitalizing and replenishing products. Whether it is our delicious range of Chai organic tea products, or our organically sourced Ayuuri body and skincare range, we are dedicated to the pursuit of natural beauty both inside and out.

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